Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tired Feet and Hungry Bellies

This morning I woke up discombobulated because of the extreme comfort of my bed. I wasn't used to the plush pillows and huge mattress. Cindy and I finally roused ourselves and met up with everybody in the hotel lobby.

Waiting for the Info Session to Begin 
We headed out to take on Boston. I stopped at a place called Liquiteria for breakfast and I got a acai berry parfait. It was so interesting, delicious, and very different than the dining hall food. A lot of the other cohort members wanted something else so we stopped at another cafe on the way to our Harvard info session.

The info session was very informative. There were two student panelists who were able to give us a lot of information and insight into what life at Harvard is like. We went over academics first then more about campus life, financial aid, and admissions. The students answered questions and really gave us a good feel for the student life. We covered lots of information in an hour even going into things like dining, studying abroad, and the specific opportunities offered for academic advising.

Inside the Dining Hall 
After our info session we went on a private tour with three brown students named Cesar, Kalen, and William. This was definitely the best college tour that I had ever been on. Since it was such a small group of people we all got to ask lots of questions and got very detailed descriptions of campus life. We saw a lot of the main buildings and housing areas. The buildings were very grand and beautiful. Our tour lasted over an hour because of all the questions we asked. After our tour, we were lucky enough to get to eat lunch at the freshman dining hall with our tour guides as well as another student, Sarah, and Roger Banks, Director of Recruitment at Harvard College Admissions. The dining hall was beautiful. It felt like we were sitting in the great hall from Harry Potter. Although the atmosphere was great the company far exceeded the location. As we sat we learned so much more about the application process and the school itself. All of our guides were so honest and warm which really made me feel welcomed to the college.

Cindy Looking
Once lunch was over we decided to take the duck boat cruise around Boston. Sarah and Kalen decided to come with us. We traveled to the science museum to catch the boat cruise. Unfortunately once we had traveled all the way there we realized that the tours were all sold out. We sat at the science museum for about an hour trying to come up with a plan to what to do and we finally just decided to go check out downtown Boston. As soon as we started our walk to the train station it started to rain. Our plan for downtown Boston was to walk around but the rain put a bit of a damper on that because we didn't want to get soaking. Luckily the sky cleared and we were able to hang out in the Boston Commons for awhile. The park was beautiful but we were all getting tired because of our chaotic afternoon.
We decided that we were going to try and go shopping and find some food to eat for dinner. Unfortunately our adventure ended up being more of a wandering aimlessly around Boston situation. We had tired feet and empty bellies as we decided to take the train back to the hotel. Once we got to the hotel we went to our rooms and freshened up for a bit before heading down to the hotel restaurant. The restaurant was so good and I was very glad that we had waited to eat. I had a grilled vegetable sandwich and some salad. After dinner we were all exhausted so we went up to our rooms to relax. I went to the gym for a little bit then decided that it was time to get ready for bed.

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