Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Grand Chase for Food

Soft beds work wonders. After spending two weeks sleeping in a not so comfortable bed, I appreciate the soft and comfy beds they have at the hotel. I think my demolished feet appreciate it more than I do. 

Today was interesting to say the least. We met in the lobby at 8:45 AM which wasn't so bad in my opinion. I could however, have used more sleep. We had breakfast at Au Bon Pain. It was a bakery of sorts. I had a turkey club sandwich, iced coffee, and a red velvet cupcake. Everything was delicious. Afterwards we headed to the info session held at Memorial Hall. There, two students gave information about college life, majors and many more things. 

They also talked about the admission process. They said that a panel of many people looked over and even argued about the applications of all the applicants. We actually met Roger, an admissions officer, He had lunch with us and later accompanied us to the subway. 

Cesar, Kalen, and William gave us a tour of the campus. They were very nice, helpful and willing to answer our questions. Something that I found funny was when they showed us the Statue of the Three Lies. The three lies were that Harvard was not funded in 1638. It was actually founded in 1636. Second lie is that John Harvard founded Harvard. Harvard was founded by a vote by the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The third lie is that the person that the statue was made after is John Harvard. It actually was a student of Harvard at the time. This was done because there are no pictures of John Harvard. 

The students also talked about life in the dorms. Cesar talked about the dorm he will be staying in. Dorm assignation day is a big deal in Harvard. There are 17 different dorm buildings in the university. They show their spirit by painting their faces, singing and chanting between many more things. After this and some pictures we went to the freshmen dining hall.

For lunch I grabbed some salad, yogurt and a banana. Sarah, another student at Harvard, joined us during lunch. She was very nice and approachable. Everyone chatted and ate their food. My side or the table mostly talked to Kalen, Cesar, Sarah and Roger. We talked about things like early decision and performing arts. 

After lunch, Kalen and Sarah came with us to take a Duck boat tour. We took the subway and walked part of the way there. When we got there all the tours were sold out. Some of us wanted to stay in the museum. Others wanted to go to do outdoor things. In the end we walked back to the subway. On the way there it started raining so everyone was irritated and tired. 

We took the subway to Boston commons and hung out at the Public Garden. I took a ton of pictures that looked really nice. I also walked and saw the ducks and listened to some street performers. Everything was beautiful and very green. It reminded me a bit of the Newport mansions. 
We were all hungry so we started walking aimlessly. We did this for a very long, long time. We couldn't find anything to eat. At this point my feet hurt with every step I took. Everyone was very visibly distressed but we kept going. In the end we just decided to go back to the hotel and have dinner at the restaurant there. With this we made our way back to the subway once again. 

Once we arrived we felt very tired and hungry. We had reservations in the restaurant at 7 PM. I Ordered a seafood dish that was very good. A bit salty for my taste but good either way. After our delicious food, we came upstairs and started working.

Today  has taught me that planning is very good even if you think you have no clue how to do it. I can't do that much walking again. It was just too exhausting for not getting anything accomplished. 

Tomorrow we will be visiting Yale in Connecticut. We will take the Amtrak very early in the morning to make it to our tour on time. I hope we don't struggle as much as today.

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