Sunday, August 2, 2015

Yale Tour Today!

I  got out of bed at 6:20. I had to meet up with my cohort and Ms. Neal down at the lobby at 7:25. This was a bit early, but I made sure that I had enough time to get ready. Today was our Yale tour. I knew I was going to really like it because I had seen pictures  of Yale and its authenticity on various occasions. 

To get to Yale we took the Amtrak. The ride was about two hours long, but it felt way longer. Prior to that we had gotten breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts. I ordered a Vanilla iced coffee with a glazed donut. The Vanilla iced coffee wasn't that great because it tasted sugarless. 

The Amtrak ride was tiring. Two hours of just sitting down was not comfortable. I couldn't wait to get down to stretch out my legs and find out what Yale had to offer. Later, we were greeted by our tour guide for the day, Sarah, a current Yalee. She elaborated on the many traditions that Yale has which seemed like so much fun. She also explained how all of the teachers and professors genuinely care about you and how they want you to succeed whether it's in a class or a research project.
She pretty much convinced me why Yale is the perfect school. I loved every aspect of it. I really liked the architecture and the vibe that it gave away. The odd stories behind the creation of them made them more intriguing. I just really liked it. Maybe it was because there weren't many visitors like there was at Harvard and because the atmosphere was quiet, placid and welcoming. I felt at home. I loved how you get to experiment with different classes before declaring a major as well. 

After that we went to the museum of art. There were many ancient artifacts and paintings. We also got ice cream. And later, we visited the theater. It was a packed day but it was worth it. 

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