Saturday, August 1, 2015

Boston Bound

We met at the lobby around 9 AM today. Since we couldn't agree on a place for breakfast we visited two, Gabi and Erin got milkshakes from Liquiteria and the rest of us visited Au Bon Pain. I had an everything bagel with cream cheese, some lemonade, and a chocolate chip cookie, all of which were delicious. 
We walked to Harvard's Memorial Hall for our info session. I learned a lot more about topics such as residential life and study abroad at Harvard. The university has all of the things I am looking for in terms of an urban campus, average class sizes, and international opportunity.

There were two panelists who were currently attending Harvard that were able to share their experiences with us. It was very helpful to hear what they had to say and the advice they were able to give us. They answered any questions the audience had too.

Afterwards we toured the campus with our guides, Kalen, Cesar, and William. I was able to get a lot more information from three different perspectives. We toured some of the buildings where classes were held as well as the outsides of a few dorms.

We went to Annenberg Hall for lunch. We were joined by Sarah, another student and Roger Banks, the director of recruitment at Harvard. The inside of the hall was absolutely gorgeous, We  talked about early decision applications and the drought in California for a bit.

We visited the Museum of sciences for a while but most things we wanted to do had been sold out. It was raining for a bit when we visited the Boston Commons. There was a pretty park outside which we took many pictures at.

We got some snack at CVS before returning to the hotel. We ate at the restaurant there, I had a Shirley Temple and A Steak Frites, The Steak was perfectly cooked and delicious the fries were absolutely addicting. I went to sleep very full and tired.

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