Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day Of Dead Corpses And ILCers Who (Almost) Are

Today was crazy. So much but so little happened. Today we toured Yale in New Haven, CT. We took the two hour Amtrak there and back between some things.

We all met downstairs at 7:25 AM to walk to the subway and catch the Amtrak. We had a quick breakfast in the station. I had a iced coffee -- more like medicine -- a disgustedly sweet doughnut  and a bagel with cream cheese. The bagel was alright. After waiting for a while the train arrived. We made our way inside and took seats. I almost immediately went to sleep. I was still exhausted from the previous day.

When we got to New Haven we walked to the Yale information center. There we took a breath for a moment and then followed Sarah, our tour guide, out front. She told us she was doing pre-med and engineering. She also told us that the grass field in front of the center used to be a cemetery. When it was turned into a social space, only the head stones were moved so there are human remains under that dirt. She said that in 2011, during Halloween, there was a horrible storm and that a tree fell and it uprooted skeletons from very old people.

After, we talked about residential colleges and the support systems within. They sound like a lot of fun and a lot like the ones at Harvard. I see why they always compete now. We didn't really go by any classrooms or lecture halls. We did go to a theater where a lot of plays are showed. 

For lunch we went to a pizzeria on York Street. I had a pepperoni slice and some buffalo wings. I also scared Komal in  the bathroom. It was funny seeing her jump so high up. For dessert we went to get ice cream. I got delicious coffee ice cream with walnuts.

After, we walked to a Yale museum. We stayed there for like 40 minutes then walked back to the train station. We waited there for like an hour because our train was delayed. After, we grabbed the silver line to the airport to rent a van. We got there pretty late. Once we got it, we were all starving.

We went to IHop because it was the only place open. I had buttermilk pancakes and a swiss mocha. Everyone was completely exhausted. We got to the hotel around 1 AM or later to pack. I packed all my things and began on my blog. 

Today was a very rough day. It was also fun an informative. I just hope tomorrow everything goes more smoothly. I can't wait to see my family and friends tomorrow. Oh, and getting to sleep!

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