Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Remarkable Experience with the ILC

The day I was officially chosen to be part of the Ivy League Connection I thought it was all a joke. I couldn't believe I was actually chosen. After a while I realized the ILC really did see potential in me and everyone else that was chosen to be part of it. Because of all the essays, interview, dinners, and having to blog everyday, I didn't imagine myself being part of it. It all just seemed way too much. 
ILC students and parents
After going through all of it, I could honestly say it was the best decision of my life. I cannot thank the Ivy League Connection enough for this amazing opportunity. I hope many other students take advantage of opportunities like this as well. Its okay to take risks and try out new things. It made me realize how many other schools there are other than the ones around us. How diverse the world is. Everything was fun and even worth staying up a little longer writing our blogs. Although sometimes I really didn't want to since it always took me a while to write them and in that time other girls would go out and have fun, it was a great writing practice. The interview really prepared me for future interviews for jobs and college. I know now to go in with a lot of confidence and just give it my all. Learning to be independent was also a huge part.

If it wasn't for the ILC I would have never been able to attend Brown University and take the Women and Leadership course. This course really changed my perspective in everything and improved my listening and socializing skills. Compared to a normal high school class, this was way different. At my high school it seems as if mostly everyone is there because they're obligated to. In the Women and Leadership course everyone was really engaged and actually wanted to be there regardless of how long the class was. It is always such a better learning environment when everyone actually wants to learn and be present. 

When a lot of people I knew found out I was part of the ILC, most of them had no idea what the Ivy League Schools were which was really surprising. It proves that there isn't enough information around that talks about schools other than the ones around us. I really want to change that and inform people about other great schools and encourage them to take great opportunities like this. 

My family and I believe more in myself and I want to work even harder to make my dreams come true. I have faith in myself that one day I will attend a great school, even if I come from a low income family. I want others to feel this way too. Our social economic background shouldn't determine our future.

One of the most exciting parts of this whole trip was to come up with an Action Plan. It became even more enthusiastic when Diana and I decided to work on it together. The basic idea of our plan was to spread the word of all of our knowledge about feminism by creating an after school club at our school. I know we will be facing many difficulties but it is worth a try. It is better to fail than to not try at all. 

Other than all the learning experiences, I created long lasting relationships with the people I least expected to. We all have so many things in common. I believe friendships like this are the ones that last a lifetime.
A special thanks to Don Gosney for always supporting all of us and working really hard to make all of this possible. This includes having to email us very often, calling us, and having to meet up. I want to thank EVERYONE that put in effort to make all of this possible for us. This opportunity is something I will honestly remember for a lifetime. 

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