Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Seventeen days. Seventeen days is a very short time. This makes me wonder why it felt like a life time when I was in the East Coast. Maybe it was the weather or  the workload but one that is certain, is that I missed home.

Our last day started just a couple hours after our dinner the previous day. We got up and began our morning routines in the hotel for one last time. We made our way down stairs with our heavy luggage and hearts. The van that we retrieved the night before was parked up front. We began struggling to put our luggage in the back while the porter watched. We powered through and had everything inside by the time Ms. Neal was done checking us out. Then we set out to the info session at Wellesley.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Wellesley campus. The campus is surrounded with trees and all sorts of greenery. The building where the info session was held in was a very comfortable place that was full of information about . There was tons of magazines like Wellesley's 100. This is a list of reasons to attend Wellesley.

Some of the things that they talked about in the info session that stuck with me was that they have partner up with bigger institutions like Harvard and MIT. They also have a lot of resources like programs to study abroad and professors that live on campus. They also have a really big sector of their campus dedicated to the sciences.

After leaving Wellesley, we made our way to the airport. Since we were starving we ate a ton of snacks before getting there.

One we got there, we took our luggage and proceeded to check them in. Mine was a bit over weight but I quickly fixed that and there was no problems. We waited for Ms. Neal to get back from returning the car then headed to the airport security check point. I got lucky and was TSA pre-approved. This means that I got to go through the shorter line with less rigorous security.

After we were all done, I got some souvenirs for my family and hurried to buy some lunch. I didn't have much time to spare before we had to board our plane.

I got to seat along side Cindy and Ms. Neal. For most of the flight I decided to catch up on sleep. Towards the end of the flight I decided to appreciate the beautiful landscape below me.

After what seem like forever, we landed on West Coast ground! I immediately text my whole family and told them that our plane had just landed safely and on time. It took sometime for our cohort to exit the plane since we were seated pretty far back.

Once we were out, we got a snack before going to the baggage claim area. I got some delicious frozen yogurt with some slices of banana. It was delicious. We later walked to baggage claim and got our luggage without any delays and walked to court yard four where our shuttle would be waiting.

We waited for the shuttle while laughing and joking. The driver was very nice and  put all our luggage in the back while we got to relax inside the air conditioned vehicle. We took some pictures and talked about how much we missed home. Shortly after, we set forth to ECHS to meet with our dear families and take some last pictures to conclude our trip!

I got very emotional when I saw my sister. I caught up with her and what happened while I was gone and once I got home I was so glad to see my whole family again. I am very glad that I got the opportunity to got to the East Coast and  learn so many new things.


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