Saturday, August 1, 2015

All Over Massachusetts

First thing we did today was visit Harvard University. I really like how it has a victorian look. Right when we got there the first part of the tour, the info session, was inside Memorial Hall. An admissions woman was giving information along with 2 alumnus. They were both rising juniors. Most of the things they mentioned were similar to what a regular university would require. 
Inside Memorial Hall
Ready for the tour!
Info session
I really did not know that freshman at Harvard were required to stay on campus. In some ways I like that and in others I do not. What if you want your own freedom? Then again everything will be much easier being close to the school. I like how after the freshman year it's up to you whether you want to keep staying there or not leave the hall. I really did not know they also had the freshman separated from all the upper classmen. Where they eat is a different place as well from the upper classmen. The first 3 weeks that freshmen are there s to settle in and think about what activities and other things you want to do. A small percentage of students aren't required to pay anything because of money issues. There are a lot of scholarships than can help once you get accepted and financial aid. 

Cesar, Kalen, and William
After this the second part of a tour we had our own little private tour by Kalen, Cesar, and William. They were all amazing people and were really nice. All of the questions they answered had really helpful and unique answers that I have never heard before. Kalen was really recommending taking out SAT's our junior year and ACT so in case we don't like the scores we always have senior year and that way we can also be eligible to apply early to a school. When you apply early to Harvard you're not allowed to apply at any other Ivy League School until they let you know their response. I am actually taking this in consideration. Although there are no advantages, it seems like something I would like to do. 

The Campus
They all made the halls seem like a lot of fun and spacious. Compared to Perkins Hall at Brown it sounded really nice. I thought it was hilarious how Cesar even had a washer machine inside his room. Everyone seems to get a long there and build strong bonds. They also talked about when the freshman are able to go in the other halls that are for upper class men. They have a big celebration which seems really fun.

Once we were done with the tour we all had a lunch together and Roger, an admissions officer, joined in along with Sarah, another student.  He was really polite and was really interested in what we were going to do around here. Sarah was really nice as well and provided a lot of useful information. Unfortunately I was in the corner of the two tables so all I could hear was half of the things they mentioned on the opposite corner of the table. I was really focused on what Kalen was saying since she was only a couple chairs away. 

Kalen and Sarah decided to join us to go to a boat tour. We were all really excited about that. The Duck Tours were right next to a Science Museum so as Ms.Neal purchased the tickets we went inside to check it out. We were really excited until Ms. Neal sent us a text mentioning the boat tours were sold out. We were all REALLY upset. I was so excited about it! We could not figure out what else to do so as we tried deciding we were sitting inside the Science Museum next to an inside ride. It really caught my attention and all of us wanted to get on it. The wait was 1 hour though and a lot of girls did not want to wait.

Duck Tour we weren't able to go on :(

The Bridge
We ended up leaving to a park near the city. As we were walking there it started raining. I was really frustrated because I did not want to get sick but there was no way to get out of it. After the park we walked all over to look for a restaurant to eat. We couldn't find a restaurant that we all liked so we ended up going back to the hotel to eat there. We walked more than 7 miles. I was exhausted in the end. I couldn't even feel my feet.
Closest I've ever been to a squirrel
As we were walking around...
Providence St.! I already miss Providence, Rhode Island. 
Cemetery on our way to the hotel

Before anyone got there...
We all left to our rooms to change into something fancier. The restaurant in the hotel was really nice and fancy. I ordered Grilled Shrimp and a lemonade. Right after we ordered, they brought us our drinks and bread. When I saw the bread, I was really debating if I should eat it or not since I am allergic to rye. Usually when I go to restaurants they never serve rye. 5 seconds before I took the first bite, Diana asked Ms. Neal what kind of bread it was. Ms. Neal had to ask the waiter and the waiter had to ask as well. She came out what it seemed to me running. She mentioned it was rye. I could not stop thanking Diana. She literally saved my life. The waiter asked if I was allergic to anything else. I told her I was also allergic to tree nuts. Of course the grilled shrimp had to have a sauce with tree nuts. Now I know to always let my waiter know about my food allergies. I don't even want to imagine what could have happened if I would have eaten any of those things. 
Delicious Grilled Shrimp with no tree nuts :)
Long Lasting Memories

Now getting ready to visit Yale! Can't wait. We will be taking Amtrak to Connecticut. 

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