Tuesday, August 4, 2015

West Coast, the Best Coast

First thing we did was get our luggage into the van Ms. Neal had rented for the day. Even though we were all running on about 3 hours of sleep, we managed to carry all the heavy luggage and accommodate them to it in the little space the van had. The shofer was just standing there looking a us waiting for his tip. He didn't even ask if we needed help. I thought that was pretty rude.

On our way to Wellesley we were all pretty crowded. Almost everyone took a nap on the way. We were all really tired. For the first time we weren't the only ones taking the tour. The first part was the information session. On the most part, it is a lot like other schools. The one thing that was totally different was that this was an all girls school. The classes are usually 14-20 students. Sometimes they have as little as 8 students in the class which is really good to really focus on your work and have a connection with the professors.
Sarah the third

Like our two other tour guides, our tour guide's name was Sarah. We all thought it was hilarious. A really big coincidence. We told her about this and she was upset because she wanted to be special. She made a point when she mentioned we didn't have a British Sarah tour guide. She was extremely nice and made little jokes here and there. I was really happy that we were able to go inside the dorms.  The rooms weren't all that big but they seemed good enough. The campus was really big and had very unique buildings.

Library and paintings of the female presidents of the school

Although the school was really nice and seemed as if they really cared about their students, I'm not sure if i would take it in consideration. It was really isolated and quiet. I would rather go to a school that is really active and somewhere in the city. Also, the only females part didn't really catch my attention. I am not into sex segregation.

After the tour we headed to the airport. We were all really excited to go back home. Before the flight we were all running to get something to eat before the plane left. All I saw close by was sandwiches and they ALL contained something I was allergic to. It was really disappointing. Thankfully, Mahi was able to go with me a little further from where we were sitting so I could grab some McDonalds. The lady working there was extremely rude. We all grabbed our belongings and food and boarded the plane. I was really sad because this was really the end. I knew I was going to miss everyone!

I didn't expect the flight to be 6 hours long. It felt like years! For the first 10 minutes I was watching Drake & Josh. I haven't watched that show in years! It was fun while it lasted because a little bit after I had to pay to keep watching it. I was so excited when we got on the plane I really thought we were going to be able to watch TV for free. A little after everyone fell asleep. I was sitting in the middle of Erin and Gabi. At one point Gabi's head was hanging towards my side so I put my unicorn so her head could rest there. I felt really nice. The view was really nice.
A couple minutes away from San Francisco
We arrived earlier than planned to the airport. Once we got off it felt so weird being there, so unreal. It all felt like a dream.

Fresh out the airplane
While waiting for the ride to El Cerrito High School, we were all enjoying the fresh, cold breeze. It felt amazing. The east coast was gorgeous and different but there really isn't a place like the bay area.

As we arrived to El Cerrito High School, the parents were also arriving one by one. I was so excited once I saw my parents. It really felt like i hadn't seen them in decades. Seeing everyone reunite with their parents was beautiful. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces. We all took one last picture before we said our goodbyes. We promised to keep in touch and keep each other updated with our action plans.
Until Next Time!
I was really sad we weren't going to be together any more yet really enthusiastic I was back home. My mom cooked my favorite food which is Mole. It was waiting there on the table with a bottled coke next to it. It was delicious. All my family was delighted to see me and so was I. It felt wonderful.

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