Friday, August 7, 2015

Proud to be Ivy League Connected!

Two years ago while I was still a Freshman, I was invited to attend an orientation at school regarding a certain college-oriented program. This was where I first learned about the Ivy League Connection and what it had to offer. While I couldn’t apply as a Freshman, I knew that next year, I simply had to go for this incredible opportunity. The application process was rigorous and very demanding. From essays, to interviews, to dinners, to speeches, to forms, it was a very meticulous process. Two years ago, I would never have imagined how much I had experienced as a part of the Ivy League Connection program.

As a Bay Area native, I’ve always stayed close to my home, never imagining pursuing a higher education outside of my state, let alone the other side of the country. The day I was interviewed for the Ivy League Connection, the day I learned that I would be traveling to the East Coast this summer, suddenly a world of possibilities emerged outside of California. If I was capable of getting a scholarship to experience an Ivy League school this summer, what was to stop me from maybe one day getting accepted and attending one of these prestigious schools?

As an ILCer, I was able to push myself and get out of my comfort zone. From improving upon my people skills at fancy San Francisco dinners to putting myself out there at the School Board meeting where I personally addressed the school board in front of an audience, the Ivy League Connection allowed me to grow and prosper as a student and as a human being. I also learned about what I want in a college. As a first-generation student, the topic of college is something of an unclear, far-reaching goal. My parents don't have much advice to offer on getting into college besides "Do your best and the scholarships will help you." I've always been in constant worry about how I will even begin to prepare for my college-going mission. I realize now that it is in fact not such an unachievable dream to be able to go to college as I had previously thought.

The Ivy League Connection not only benefits the students traveling to the East Coast, but the community they come back to after their travels. Having experienced such an amazing course at Brown, I see the world through different lens. I will bring back to my community the ideals I learned about our society. I will be able to share with my friends about how it is possible to land a valuable scholarship if you genuinely apply yourself and follow through with your efforts. As soon as school starts this fall, all my friends will know about what an amazing experience the Ivy League Connection program was for me. I will let them know how more than worth it the program is after all the work one has to put in.

An incredibly warm and grateful thanks to all of those who continue to give massive amounts of efforts towards the gift of opportunity – opportunity for those who need to be exposed to different types of learning and experience. Being a part of the ILC is something I will never forget, something I will always keep with me as I head out into the world every day.

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  1. It warms my heart, Cindy, to read how you GOT it.