Thursday, August 6, 2015

An Unforgettable Incredible Journey

A year ago I would have never imagined myself to be spending a part of my summer studying at one of the most prestigious, top notch universities of the world. Until this day, this journey stills seems unbelievable. 

Studying at Brown was an incredible experience. In this experience, I got the opportunity to live as a collegian at Brown. I experienced living in a dorm and getting accustomed to the dining halls. I got the opportunity to work in a lab under the guidance of a wonderful professor. 

While studying at Brown, I got a glimpse of how college life is. Getting hands-on-experience in a lab was very difficult than what I had encountered before. The coursework was different and difficult. Living a life of a freshman in Brown has taught me many valuable skills, such as time management, critical thinking, and public speaking, I will always cherish. 

In the course of three weeks, I have interacted with people on such a diverse grand scale. I have become friends with individuals from all over the country, including from Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Texas, and Washington, and the globe, including from Puerto Rico  Canada, Turkey, Taiwan, China, and the Caribbean. 

Before this trip, I knew that great colleges exist outside of California, however the thought of applying to them never skipped mind. My experience at Brown has exposed me to so many great colleges and wonderful opportunities. It has encouraged me to apply to these reach schools. 

As a person, I have grown. My parents say I have come back with a deep tan and a lot more maturity. Living independently has led to this grown maturity. I feel a lot more prepared than I was three weeks ago to take on future challenges. 

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  1. With a lot of ILCers we see growth, Komal. You're lone of those where we've seen tremendous growth. You've been a real pleasure to have a s apart of the ILC.