Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Another Summer Day/Has Come and Gone Away/ [From Brown to East Coast Roam] / But I Wanna Go Home."

Being the last day on the East Coast, I listened to a few "leaving" songs like the quoted song above by Michael Bublé. I am pretty proud of today's blog title--you might have noticed that I changed a few words. I think it perfectly sums up what I am feeling.   

After barely any sleep I was, to be honest, unhappy about having to wake up and move out of my hotel room with a wonderful, pillow-like bed. I perked up after tasting thick, strong, room-service coffee. The group had ordered our breakfast the night before because we were getting such an early start out. Trying to stuff everyone's suitcases into the van was almost hilarious. It took us about thirty minutes to finish the puzzle that it was. 

We were lucky that the back seat could hold four students, because we then were able to put luggage in the front seat row. 
I was lucky in that I got to sit shotgun, and therefor did not have to worry like the other girls about fitting myself into a tiny space. I tried to stay awake to view the scenery we passed, but my eyelids kept weighing down, and I gave in many times to them. As I awoke to the parking of the van however, I was glad that I had obeyed my body because I felt more energetic. 
The tour walked past this field to get to the science library. 
I was immediately struck with the beauty of Wellesley's campus. The short hike to the admissions building almost gave me the impression that it was too green and spacious to be a college campus! I have been in love with the East Coast because it has so much greenery unlike California in it's current drought. 
See?! It is absolutely gorgeous!
The group of students at this information session was small--only about fifteen students sat around the centered table. After the information session, we went on a tour with one of the two guides: Sarah. 

Overall, I enjoyed being at Wellesley. Courses are almost entirely discussion-based, and there are extensive resources and opportunities. The college made many small and large gestures that I think represented it's philosophies. I really hope to go to a college that has a personal feel, and dedication to undergraduate learning.  

We left almost immediately, because we had to catch our flight. I ended up just being able to buy a few souvenirs and lunch before we boarded. On the plane, I alternated between reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and sleeping. It felt like an entire day had passed when we reached the ground again.
I felt very at home when we passed by the Bay, and I noticed a kite in the distance. 
I was excited to be back home, and to cherish the things and people I sometimes take for granted.      
My wonderful sisters made me cupcakes. 
I am sad that I won't continue getting to know my cohort every day because every one of them has been kind, generous, and very fun to live with for two and a half weeks.  

I have really enjoyed blogging. Please know that this is not my last post, and look out for the one that is coming soon in which I will spill my guts about my emotions, and my overall experience. 

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