Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ice Cream and Yale!

Today we were touring Yale! Once we had awoken and met at the lobby, we made our way to the subway. We arrived at the train station around 8:10 AM, leaving us half an hour to grab breakfast. I had really wanted to try Dunkin' Donuts at least once before we returned to California, so I had their salted caramel hot chocolate and glazed doughnut. We boarded the train and I managed to get a seat beside Esme. 

Boston to New Haven was about a two hour ride. Esme and I talked during most of it, discussing our families, colleges we are interested in, and our mutual affection for dogs. Once we realized just how long that was, we molded play dough and took pictures to pass some time. I ended up dozing off, awakening to find myself leaning on Esme's shoulder. 

Once we arrived in New Haven we walked to Yale's visitor center where we met our tour guide, Sarah. She led us around campus, telling us interesting facts and great stories about Yale. We learned about traditions that make the institution unique. Although the architecture of the school was not my favorite, because it was not what I generally prefer, I did appreciate how unique it was.

I liked how much of a community Yale appeared to be, and how focused they were on creating a system that is very inclusive. Sarah was telling us about how much the faculty cares about helping students, which I found was something I would very much appreciate in a college. The city of New Haven was different from what I'm used to. I do find that I thrive in very urban areas, but I think Yale's focus on community makes up for it.

We ended the tour at the Yale bookstore where we said goodbye to Sarah. We met Linda at Yale's school of drama theater. She works with lighting and design, and it was fascinating to learn about her job. She also has an adorable daughter, Bella, who ran up and down the aisles wanting to play. Linda recommended Yorkside Pizza for lunch so we thanked her and parted ways.

We walked down the street to Yorkside, very hungry, I ordered a slice of the pizza of the day, which consisted of olives, mushrooms, basil, and chicken. We also got something to drink and various appetizers to share. After devouring all of that delicious food we decided to visit Yale's art museum. I absolutely love Greco-Roman and Hellenistic pieces so I found their display of Greek coins, pottery, and marble figures fascinating.

I was also very drawn towards the Native American artifacts.  There were some contemporary statues outdoors that I found that appeared very interesting. Since it was super hot in New Haven we decided ice cream might be a good idea. Although I generally do not enjoy it, the heat decided for me. I got a small cup of vanilla with some hot fudge and white chocolate chips. 

Back at the train station I got to talk to the rest of the cohort about various things. It's going to get a long time to get used to going from being around these wonderful girls every day to suddenly not. I sat next to Gabi this time, I love talking to her because the conversation is very natural and real. We discussed our families, aspirations, and hopes. Scenic views and stimulating conversation make Mahi very happy.

Back in Boston, we decided on IHOP since it was one of the few places that would be open that late. We stopped at the airport to pick up our rental car, saying goodbye to public transportation for the time being. I had some buttermilk pancakes and a berry blast at IHOP and returned to our hotel for our last night together.

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