Monday, August 3, 2015

Traveling Home

My alarm roused me bright and early after less than four hours of sleep. Cindy and I got out of bed and rushed to get ready for the day ahead and our flight home. We dressed and finished packing away our last items. We had room service delivered because we weren’t going to have time to go before our tour of Wellesley.  I was satisfied with my cereal but it certainly wasn’t anything special.

After we were all ready to go we met in the lobby and packed up the van. This was quite a challenge because the back of the car only fit five of our suitcases so we had to squeeze the others into the seating area. Finally, we were able to depart from the airport and make the thirty-minute drive to Wellesley. I was so tired that I fell asleep in the car on the way there. Once we had made it to Wellesley we went to the info session.

The info session was much more personal than I had ever experienced. There were only about twenty perspective students so we all sat around a table and were able to contribute our thoughts and feelings freely as well as ask lots of questions. We covered all the typical topics including academics inside and outside the classroom, the research department, the study abroad and internship opportunities, the Center for Work and Service, and admission and financial aid opportunities. One thing that really interested me was all of the opportunities for research. Every year around four hundred students do research and a lot of the research positions are paid.

After the info session we went on a very extensive tour of the campus. The campus is extremely beautiful. It felt much more natural to me then many of the other campuses that I have toured. There is a beautiful lake that you can boat on, lots of towering trees, and green growth everywhere. In addition to this, all of the buildings were beautifully constructed. There was lots of red brick and grand architecture. I definitely liked the setting. Another aspect that really struck me was all of the resources for the students. There are so many funds and lots of equipment to help students out in whatever way they need.
Entering San Fransisco
The tour wrapped up at around 11:30 and then we drove off to the airport. We checked our bags while Ms. Neal dropped off the rental car. Once we were all in the airport we headed through security and purchased lunch and snacks for the flight. Luckily the plane was on time and we started to board at 2:15. The flight was easy. I spent a lot of time catching up on my sleep but I was also able to do some reading, get some work done, and look out the window.

We got to the airport around six, got our bags, and caught the airport shuttle back to El Cerrito High School. I was so excited to be able to see my family. At El Cerrito we took a few pictures then I got to go home. I was so excited to eat a home cooked meal and relax. Sleeping in my own bed felt amazing.

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