Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Tale of Yale and the ILC.

 I woke up this morning with limited clean clothing to wear. This was frustrating because I always try to dress nicely for college visits. I left the hotel feeling confident however, and ready to go!
Outside of the bookstore.
View from the stage.
I was still tired enough to sleep on the train to Connecticut, although I was cold, and consequently kept waking up.

We arrived in the Yale Visitor center perfectly on time, and almost immediately started our private tour with Sarah, our tour guide.

I was worried that our tour would be completely parallel to that of Harvard's for the first ten minutes. Statues of the "founders" of both schools happen to be statues of random students because there is no reference to how the founders looked. There were also many similarities in how the tour was structured.

I was relieved and uplifted when the tour became more relaxed and question based. Our tour guide had many funny stories to tell about her freshman year, and about the architecture of Yale. Many of Yale's buildings have been purposely broken and repaired to look old. One building was supposed to be a cathedral, but is used as a library because Yale is secular. Some dorm buildings have no right angles in them. Students understandably have a hard time fitting their beds and desks into corners.

After looking through the bookstore, we met Linda, a lighting designer for Yale's School of Drama theater. She walked us through the theater, and talked a little about drama, and her job. Her adorable three-year-old daughter Bella ran around the house as I asked Linda about Yale programs, and the details of how they work. I am very thankful that Linda was kind enough to talk with us.  
Outside of the largest theater on campus. 
The cohort and Ms. Neal then walked to a pizza parlor and inhaled a surprising amount of food. One of the best parts of today was walking around Yale's art museum after. I enjoyed looking at paintings from the American Revolution and modern art the best. 
I was very excited to eat the bittersweet chocolate ice cream in the ice cream parlor we went to after. It tasted like cocoa powder, which was a nice change from common super sweet chocolate ice cream.

On the train ride back from Yale, Mahi and I sat together, and nonstop talked for two hours. I am really glad I got the chance to know her on this trip, and I am glad we go to the same school, so we can hang out together after this trip concludes!

After getting off the train, we went to the airport to pick up a van for tomorrow. We will need it to tow our luggage around before finally heading to the airport. Even though it was late at night and we were all exhausted, we managed to stay awake. Every one of us was famished, and IHop was on the way to the hotel. We entered the restaurant at 11:30, and left well after 12. Things became slightly hilarious... Mahi started cutting her pancakes with her spoon she was so tired. 

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