Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back on the West Coast!

I just recall waking up at 6:20 in my heavenly bed at Sheraton Commander Hotel in Boston. My luggage was already ready to go so I was feeling calm as to meeting Ms. Neal down at the lobby at 7:25. Before meeting up with Ms. Neal and my cohort, I ate breakfast. Gabi, Komal, and I had ordered breakfast the night before. The food arrived at about 6:40. My breakfast consisted of a plate  of berries, pineapple, strawberries, and watermelon with Vanilla yogurt on the side. It was satisfying and savory.

Once we were all ready, we put our luggage in the van. It took about thirty minutes to organize all of the luggage. Surprisingly, the chauffeur did not help us at all. I expected him to help but instead he just stood there staring at us.

On the way to Wellesley, I fell asleep. I had only slept for about three hours the night before. I woke up at times, and at other times I would fall asleep. I was drained of energy. The ride felt like an eternity. There wasn't anything to do in the van and my phone was dying so I had to kill time by watching the buildings and trees. I really couldn't wait to go home. It's only when you're at other states when you realize that California is the best state, and no I do not surf ( I should though).

The first thing I noticed about Wellesley was the foresty landscape. It was surrounded by trees and fine buildings. My cohort and I had to check-in before getting started with the info session. We were told to go to a room where the info-session was going to be held. We were greeted by a former student, Briana and a current student Chelsea. Briana answered all of the questions that we had. She reviewed things like, financial aid, study abroad programs, and internships. Overall it seemed like Wellesley really cares about the well-being of their students. I don't think I would apply, however. It is an all girls college and I don't like that aspect personally. Honestly, I believe that a better environment for me would consist of both females and males. I need both perspectives in order to learn and enlighten myself. I also didn't like how secluded it was. It felt lonely and small. The tourist guide, Sarah, also mentioned that they didn't have sororities. I may want to join a sorority sometime in my college life so this was crucial to know in terms of deciding where I attend.

Wellesly did not convince me. I loved all of the opportunities that they provided but the all girls feature and the vibe that it spilled were just not doing it for me. The vibe was that of a lonely hill. I want to attend a university where the vibe is lively. I also want to attend somewhere diverse. It is not completely diverse if only girls attend.

At the airport, everyone grabbed their luggage and prepared to board on the plane. We couldn't leave without souvenirs, however. I quickly grabbed some souvenir chocolate and some mugs that said "Boston." Prior to the souvenir shopping, we had to get checked. While I went through, the metal detector kept beeping. As a result, I had to go through the body scan which was unbelievably irritating. This was just the beginning of the displeasure that I had to put up with. It continued to beep until they finally let me go without even giving me an explanation.

The guard that reviewed my boarding ticket was a kind of a jerk as well. He glanced at my boarding ticket for a while and decided to test me if I had stolen someone's identity and if I had hidden a bomb in my pocket. He asked me questions like, "What's your full name?", "How old are you?" only to reply " Why did  you have to think about your response huh?" This offended me so much and put me in a horrible mood that lasted the whole day. To top it off he forced me to thank him for his bothersome behavior. Not letting me go until I thanked him.

Let's not get started with one of the flight attendants. She decided to get in my face and tell me things that I already knew in an unnecessary rude tone. I was fuming. I did not let my anger show, however. She came back again to make her disturbance known one more time. It took a lot of self control to not reply something that would have gotten me in trouble. I did not feel so well. I wanted to go home and forget about these incidents already. I felt overwhelmed.

I was glad to arrive at the San Francisco airport. Not only was I almost home but I was in California at last. My cohort and I were greeted with an elegant limo van thanks to the ILC. I was pleased to step foot on California land; it was an amazing feeling. However I got really used to the East Coast, therefore arriving at the West Coast (the best coast) felt quite surreal. It was still a marvelous feeling overall.

When my cohort and I arrived at El Cerrito High School, you could just tell on everyone's faces how wonderful it was to be home. Most of the parents had already arrived. After the group picture, we said our good-byes and parted our own ways. It was very sad yet happy at the same time. I'm going to miss all of the girls. Good-bye for now.

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