Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Home at Last

Gabi at Wellesley!
Today was our last day on the East Coast, we were set to tour Wellesley College before making our way to the airport and onto a plane back home. We met at the lobby around 7:30 AM, and packed our luggage into the car. The drive to Wellesley wasn't too long, although I did doze off a bit at one point of it.

The first thing I noticed upon arrival was that the campus reminded me of summer camp. Wellesley was gorgeous, lush and green with a gorgeous lake. We went inside the admissions office for the info session. All of the employees were super helpful and there was this sense of community the college gave off.

There were several little things about Wellesley I noticed that really appealed to me. The office had coffee, tea, and hot chocolate machines we were welcome to use, water bottles in case we forgot ours, and a large amount of umbrellas one could borrow. They all showed that the college cared.

We went upstairs for the informational session, which was held in the very room that applications are evaluated and we learned about Wellesley. After, we headed out on the tour with our third tour guide named Sarah who gave us a tour of campus.
Right after that we headed to the airport,  grabbing lunch for the ride. I had a chicken sandwich and tomato basil soup with chips. The plane ride wasn't too bad, if not a little boring. I sat next to Komal and Wendy. After landing in San Francisco I got a hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant to snack on.

It felt incredibly good to be back but I know I'm going to miss these girls a lot! We drove back to ECHS and reunited with out parents before taking a couple pictures and parting ways. I am so grateful for this opportunity, I feel like a different person from who I was at the beginning of these two amazing weeks. I am prepared to put everything I have learned to use and create change.

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