Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Trip to Wellesley and My Return Home

After getting three to four hours of sleep, I struggled to wake up Monday morning. Tired and sore, I hastily packed and got ready to leave for the site visitation of Wellesley. Gabi, Wendy, and I ordered room service and had breakfast in our hotel room. Then we said goodbye to our luxurious room and headed downstairs to load our luggage into the van and leave for Wellesley.

Once we got to Wellesley, we attended the info session. The info session was presented by an alum of Wellesley. In the info session, a lot of the basic information was covered, such the curriculum, the types of classes offered, financial aid, student resources, and study abroad opportunities.

After the info session, the tour took place. Our tour guide was Sarah, a rising sophomore. By the way, you may have noticed that in every school we visited, we interacted with someone named Sarah.
Anyway, Sarah was very friendly and answered all of our questions. She had a great sense of humor. Sarah led us around the beautiful campus of Wellesley. She even opened a dorm room for us to see. She also told us some funny and interesting stories and about her experiences at Wellesley.

In the admission office of Wellesley. From left to right: Wendy, Mahi, Sarah, me, Diana, Gabi, Esme, Cindy, and Erin.
Before the info session and tour, I didn’t know much about Wellesley, so I wasn’t really considering it in my choice of colleges; however after the info session and tour, a lot of doubts and questions I had in my mind were cleared and I really started thinking about Wellesley. I just wish Wellesley was less isolated from Boston. Overall, I like what Wellesley has to offer its students.

After our site visitation to Wellesley, we quickly rode to the airport. After checking in, we got lunch. Soon we boarded the plane and said goodbye to Rhode Island.

Gabi posing beautifully while helping Diana close her suitcase.
Goodbye Rhode Island.
Since I was very tired and sleepy, I slept in the airplane for about an hour, with several intervals of waking up. Sleeping in an airplane is not fun at all and is a terrible feeling. For much of the time, I enjoyed the clouds, looked at the beautiful landscapes, ate a Twix bar, and listened to music.

In the airplane. 
Hours went by and soon we landed in the San Francisco airport. I was very happy to be back in the Bay Area. We took a fancy shuttle to El Cerrito High School. Everyone met their families and gave hugs.
In the shuttle coming back home. 
When I called my mom, I got some bad news. Since my parents couldn’t come pick me up, Don dropped me home.

I was very happy to see and hug my parents. Eating my mom’s food and being in my home was an out of the world feeling.

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