Sunday, August 2, 2015

Exploring Yale in New Haven

Sunday morning was a hustle. In the rush to arrive to the train station, I forgot my other words: my extremely precious and essential glasses. Until I realized this, it was too late. 

Once we arrived to the train station after a small walk, we purchased breakfast. Since I was in the mood for sugar, I got a salted caramel hot chocolate and a glazed doughnut from Dunkin Donuts. After having a yummy breakfast, we boarded an Amtrak train for New Haven, Connecticut. The two hour ride from Cambridge to New Haven was very comfortable and I enjoyed traveling via train. 

Soon we arrived to New Haven. As we walked through the streets of New Haven, I got a different feeling of the city. The feeling I got was quite different from Boston and other cities I have been to. Once we arrived to the admission office of Yale, we met our friendly tour guide, Sarah. Surprisingly, there weren't many people touring Yale during the time we arrived for the tour.

Sarah soon began the tour. She addressed Yale's history and then introduced the academic and extracurricular opportunities offered by Yale. Sarah also told us about the fun events and crazy activities that take place. I was glad to hear about the great student-professor communication and interaction and small student to faculty ratio. I was also happy to hear about the multiple resources available for students at Yale.

The architecture of Yale is very interesting and unique. Sarah told us James Gamble Rogers, a passionate architect who had crazy fascination with building old-fashioned buildings. The techniques he applied to make the buildings look old, such as setting fire on the roofs and pouring sulfuric acid down buildings, were hilarious. Although the techniques Mr. Rogers applied were crazy, the architecture of Yale is very impressive. Mr. Rogers was a brilliant architect.

This building was built to look old-fashioned. I think the architecture is gorgeous.
This building has no right angles. 
The building is the proof of Mr. Rogers's crazy ideas to make new buildings look old. The roof was sent on fire to give a burnt look.

This library was also built by Mr. Rogers. This was actually the design for a cathedral, however since Yale is a secular school, it was made into a library.
After a very informative tour, Sarah dropped us to the Yale bookstore. I bought a shirt as a souvenir from Yale.  

Ms. Neal arranged Gabi,, who is extremely interested in theater, to meet with Linda, who is part of the theater department of Yale. While Gabi conversed with Linda, everyone played with Isabella, Linda's daughter in nice theater.

Soon we went to Yorkside Pizza for lunch. The meal was absolutely delicious!

After lunch, we went to Yale University Art Gallery. Since I love art museums, I enjoyed spending time there. The sculptures, paintings, and other art work were amazing.

Too soon it was time to catch the Amtrak back to Cambridge. Along the way, I worked on my blog, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and rested.

We took a bus to the airport rental area to rent a van and on the way back, around 11:30 PM, we had breakfast like dinner at I-Hop. 

After being tired from a busy day, we returned to our hotel. Tomorrow will be my last day in the East Coast and I will finally be able to meet my family after three weeks. I am sad that my trip will end tomorrow, however I am very excited to meet my parents after so long.

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