Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back to the Bay

As we packed our bundles of heavy luggage into the rental van, it suddenly hit me that I would probably miss the East Coast once I was home. It had been a very unique experience. Luckily, my day wasn't over just yet. On this last day, we would be touring our last school, Wellesley college, an all women's institution.

We were all tired from the previous day once we got to the college, but luckily the info session was very engaging. I learned that the college is very discussion-based, something I had experienced at the Women & Leadership course that I had absolutely loved. I learned about the variety of courses at the college, as well as financial aid, study abroad programs, research opportunities, and much more. The tour, while it was a bit too long, definitely gave me a chance to see the beautiful, green campus in all of its glory.

Immediately after our tour, we were on our way to Boston's airport. After checking our bags in and going through security, we each went to our preferred place for lunch and got some snacks for the long, six-hour flight back to San Francisco. We said our silent goodbyes to the East Coast as we boarded onto our plane. I sat next to Ms. Neal and Diana.
Hello again, SF!
When we finally arrived in San Francisco, I realized how much I had missed the weather and how it was not unbearably hot and humid. I was finally home! We went in a shuttle back to El Cerrito, where my parents were already waiting for me with flowers. Seeing them after so long was such a warm feeling. Once we all unloaded our bags off the van, we got ready to take some pictures as a group for Don's camera. 
The squad.

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