Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Wonderful Trip to Harvard and When Everything Went Wrong in Boston

My day consisted of two different experiences: a fabulous trip to Harvard and tiresome walking around Boston. 

A cheese bagel, a red velvet cupcake, and a bottle of water started my day. Soon, the whole cohort left for our site visitation to Harvard. 

First the info session took place in Sanders theater. An admission officer and two Harvard students informatively explained about the opportunities available at Harvard. They explained about the curriculum, extracurriculars, concentrations (the word for majors in Harvard), and financial aid.  I was very impressed with the presentation.
Info session in Sanders Theater in Harvard
After the very informative session, we met with our three tour guides, Kalen, William, and Cesar, who were rising sophomores at Harvard. They were very friendly and welcoming. Since the group was small, we were all able to ask plenty of questions. William, Kalen, and Cesar did an amazing job giving the tour and answering our questions. 
In the Harvard tour with our three lovely tour guides. 
They also shared interesting and funny stories related to Harvard, such as the three lies behind the John Harvard statue and the story behind the Widener library. The three lies behind the John Harvard statue are that the statue isn't of John Harvard, John Harvard wasn't the founder of Harvard, and Harvard wasn't found in 1638, instead it was found in 1637. Eleanor Elkins Widener donated the Widener library as a memorial for her son Harry Elkins Widener, who died aboard the Titanic. Mrs. Widener donated her son's collection of books and the library to Harvard since he loved books and Harvard.   

After touring the college, the whole cohort along with Kalen, William, and Cesar went to have lunch with Roger Banks, the Director of Recruitement at Harvard admissions office, at the beautiful Annenberg Hall, the freshmen dining hall of Harvard. Sarah, a senior at Harvard, joined us for lunch. The discussion was very interesting and informative. I am glad that I got an opportunity to ask questions and talk about my interests. I had a great time at Harvard!
The beautiful Annenberg Hall, the freshmen dining hall.
I had an awesome time having lunch at Harvard with amazing individuals.
Next, we headed out to explore Boston. Sarah and Kalen also joined us. We had planned to do the duck tour of Boston. Once we got to the venue of the tour, we found out that the tickets were sold out for the whole day. In a science museum nearby, we wanted to a roller coaster type activity, however it was booked for another hour. Everything we wanted to do in Boston failed us.

Then after discussing and debating about what to do next, we headed for the Boston Commons. Once we got there, we explored the park. After taking a gazillion pictures, we decided to eat dinner.
Beautiful flowers in the garden.

We walked around and around, but we couldn't find a single place where we would want to eat. We ended in the financial district, where all the restaurants were closed. When we saw no hope, we decided to go back to Cambridge and eat in our hotel's restaurant.

At the end of the day, I was extremely tired and sore from walking so much. I was very happy that I got the opportunity to go to Harvard and meet with students and the director of the admission office. Thank you so much Ivy League Connection!

First I fell in love with Brown, then Harvard, and tomorrow I am going to Yale. 

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